Customer Value

Personal effects of holiday travel

Holiday trips can have a variety of effects on the traveller. For example, one returns refreshed, healthier, with new vitality or experiences happy moments that become important memories.
These effects can be seen as the customer value or benefit.

Very often, such effects are also promised in advertising for tourist products; for many holidaymakers, the expected effects are important motives for travelling. We want to examine this presumed connection more closely here. With the expected results, we can for the first time make reliable and differentiated statements about the customer value of holiday trips. Destination and providers can use this as a basis to determine their position in terms of customer value and identify the need for optimisation.

We seek and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What effects do holidaymakers notice for themselves?
  • How do these effects relate to the expectations of the trip?
  • Are there different effects depending on travel or target group characteristics?
  • Which holiday experiences move the guest so much that they remember them in the long term?
  • To what extent do tourist offers contribute to such experiences?

The results provide better customer knowledge and help to optimise marketing decisions. The aim is to create a deeper knowledge of different product effects and to be able to draw necessary conclusions for one’s own product/destination.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2019