Health-oriented Forms of Holiday

Trends, product requirements, potentials

Health awareness is growing. For tourism, this results in future potentials that need to be exploited with appropriate offers. This requires detailed demand data on the topic of “health-oriented forms of holiday”, which form a solid basis for product development and marketing.

Aim of the module

The module provides you with this data by answering the following research questions:

  • What is the status of health-oriented forms of holiday in the German travel market, what long-term trends do the RA time series show?
  • What is the importance of health-oriented holiday motives and activities for German holidaymakers?
  • What demand structures exist in the segments of health holidays, wellness holidays and spa holidays? Which Sinus-Milieus do the respective holidaymakers belong to?
  • What effects do health-oriented holidays have?
  • What demands are there on the customer side for health-oriented forms of holiday?
  • How great is the future interest in health-oriented forms of holiday?
  • Which target groups with which state of health offer an above-average great potential for health-oriented forms of holiday?


For this module, several standard questions were used and four additional module questions were asked. The first module question asked about the subjective health status of the respondents, the second module question added two health-oriented types of travel to the answer options of the standard questionnaire. With the help of the third module question, we found out what effects health-oriented holiday trips had (did one feel better afterwards than before?).
The fourth module question recorded which individual offer components for a health holiday, wellness holiday or cure on holiday were expected by the demand side. By linking with the standard programme of the RA face-to-face, it was made clear, among other things, in which target groups future potentials for the individual health-oriented forms of holiday lay. Where possible, time comparisons were made with previous RA data (in particular with the first survey on this topic in the RA 2010).

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Reiseanalyse module 2010 and 2016