Holiday and Water

Whether for swimming or sailing, as a picturesque backdrop for hiking or cycling, or as a calming element in a wellness holiday: it is undisputed that water exerts a powerful attraction on holidaymakers. However, in order to fully exploit the strengths of one’s own offer at or near the water, providers should know more about their potential customers and their motivations or needs. We are not only interested in holidays at the coast, but also in holidays at the lake, at the river and in the mountains (where you can see how a stream becomes a raging waterfall) and also in holidays in artificial bathing areas.

Aim of the module

We answered the following research questions in this module:

  • How important is water for (potential) holidaymakers?
  • What kind of experiences are guests looking for on the water? (e.g. water sports, relaxation, nature experience)
  • Where do holidaymakers want to spend their holidays by the water? (on the coast, in the mountains, in the lowlands, etc.)


For this module, three module questions were asked, the results of which we related to each other and to the results of the standard questionnaire.

First, we asked a question that showed us what value the water has for the holidaymakers.

Next, we clarified what the guests do on holiday at the water or which offers they use there. We evaluated the answers in connection with the first module question and the standard questions on travel behaviour (destination, accommodation, travel companions, etc.).

Finally, we investigated how popular different types of destinations are where you can go on holiday by the water. The initial focus was not on countries or regions, but on types of landscape or whether a holiday in an artificial bathing area would also have been an option. In the analysis, we were able to combine the information obtained with the results of the first module question and with the potential data from the standard programme (interest in destinations and types of holidays).

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Reiseanalyse Module 2017