What do we mean by trends?

Booking offices and channels

Bookings of all-inclusive holidays and generally booking a holiday in the branch of a travel agent have gradually lost market shares in recent years. At the same time, Internet portals and direct bookings recorded substantial growth. Considering only the holiday travel of Germans, a continuous long-term decline all-inclusive holidays and travel agency bookings is evident. An analysis of booking channels highlights the growing importance of online sales. In 2006, a total of 14% of all holidays were booked online in advance, whereas this figure was up to more than a third (37%) by 2016.

In the RA Trend Study, FUR experts analysed the booking behaviour of tourists, e.g. how they use booking offices and channels, and provided a trend assessment.

The RA Trend Study suggests that further growth is to be expected in the market share of the online holiday market, with an increase to around two thirds of all holiday travel bookings by 2025.

The RA Trend Study has been published and is available to purchase.