Always on – mobile Internet

Online anytime, anywhere

The various application options of mobile Internet access used by holiday-makers was surveyed as part of the RA 2015 online. All Internet users were questioned who had travelled on holiday or a short break and used mobile Internet access to obtain information or make a booking. It emerged that almost everyone in the relevant target group (93%) used their mobile Internet access to communicate (via e-mail, chats and social media) or generally search for information. A total of 59% used mobile Internet access to search for specific tourist information, with just over a quarter (26%) reserving or booking tourist services while on the go.
A detailed analysis revealed that the application most used by holiday-makers who accessed the Internet via mobile was the good old e-mail – possibly to replace or supplement the (even older) postcard. The second most frequently mentioned type of use was to check the weather forecast, followed by instant messaging applications (such as WhatsApp, Threema and Snapchat) and online route planners. Information about the holiday destination came in fifth place. This category comprised both general and specific information about local sights, events, restaurants and shops. Almost half of all “genuine users” of mobile Internet access on holiday accessed such information from their mobile device while on the move – in terms of destination management, this is a definite indication of the demand from guests for the relevant information. At 50% of total use, destination-related information was more important than using mobile Internet access for social media and the latest news headlines and online news publications while on the go.