Awareness and popularity

The image of holiday destinations and what makes them unique

Image reflects the combination of perception, opinion and expectations and is based on a comprehensive set of notions. Knowing about a destination (“it’s sunny there”) and the associated emotions (“it’s a great place”) result in intended action (“I want to go there”).
Image therefore plays an important role in marketing holiday destinations. In this brief summary, Greece and Turkey are used as examples for examining the image of holiday destinations, as 85% of the German population have an idea of each of these destinations.
Key to the idea of both holiday destinations are the excellent pool and beach opportunities as well as the “guarantee of good weather”. While Greece’s cultural sights and events as well as the beautiful landscape are typically also mentioned, Turkey’s key image features include that the country is good value for money and people are very welcoming.
However, neither Greece nor Turkey are considered to be environmentally friendly destinations with good opportunities for winter sports and cycling. Only just over one tenth of respondents in January 2016 who had an idea of Turkey as a holiday destination associated the country with a good level of security as well as an acceptable political and social situation. Significantly higher figures were recorded for Greece with regard to these aspects (26% and 32% respectively).
Detailed information is provided in the module report on the image of holiday destinations and what makes them unique, which was prepared on the basis of the RA 2016 face-to-face. Please contact us to find out more.