Customised and exclusive

The Reiseanalyse offers various optional additional elements. They enable us to customise the comprehensive (standard) survey according to your particular requirements.

Option 1: exclusive questions
Inclusion of your own questions in the survey, with exclusive right of use

Option 2: additional questions
Up to 20 questions on specific topics (e.g. booking offices and channels, brands and media use) are included in the Reiseanalyse survey. They can be used on request.

FUR questions on the topics listed below are regularly asked as part of the RA and may be used on request.

  • Business travel
  • Low cost travel (package of questions)
  • Holiday type, all-inclusive holidays
  • Travel including hire car (package of questions)
  • Standard of accommodation during holiday travel
  • Experience of and interest in last minute holidays
  • Experience of and interest in short cruises
  • Experience of and interest in holidays in Germany, staying in luxury hotels (4 and 5 star hotels)
  • Experience of and interest in language holidays/language courses while on holiday
  • Offices and channels used to book holidays
  • Planned spending on holiday travel in the coming years and options for saving money (2 questions)
  • Wishes and dreams regarding holiday travel in general
  • Expectations regarding travel agents, and going to a travel agency in the last 5 years
  • Expectations regarding online travel agents
  • Internet use (question supplementing the general question on Internet use)
  • Internet use (expanded survey question regarding Internet use)
  • Assessment of the general economic trend and personal financial circumstances
  • Assessment of terror threat in general and from a personal point of view in connection with holidays
  • Impact of the financial crisis, climate change and energy prices on holiday travel plans
  • Criteria for choosing a means of transport to get to and return from the holiday destination
  • Distances covered while travelling
  • Subjective state of health
  • Perceived man-made landscape features (e.g. power stations, wind turbines, overhead power lines etc.) in the holiday region and how they are assessed