Summary of the RA 2021

The Reiseanalyse Summary is a detailed abstract of the key findings of our current survey. Every year, an update is published at the beginning of September with the latest findings on travel behavior in the respective previous calendar year, currently those on the surveys conducted as part of the RA 2021 and the 2020 travel year.

In addition to selected results, time series and year-on-year comparisons on vacation trips lasting five days or more, the abridged version of the Reiseanalyse also contains evaluations of short vacation trips taken by the German-speaking population last year. Central results of the respective modules, in the RA 2021 on the topics of image of travel destinations, Corona, and Sinus-Milieus®.

Further information on the contents can also be found in the table of contents of the current abridged version.

The abridged version is available as a bound copy (softcover) at a price of EUR 290 (plus VAT) in both German and English. The scope of the publication is approximately 112 pages/90 figures and diagrams.

ISBN: 978-3-9819158-3-9