External publications

As a participation-based survey, the Reiseanalyse is frequently used as the standard survey for specific questions. Some of the findings are published by our partners in the form of studies and publications, making them available to the tourism industry. A selection of current publications in Englisch language is provided below.

Sustainable mode of transport choices at the destination – public transport at German destinations. (2018)

Autoren: Sven Gross & Bente Grimm
In: Tourism Review, Volume 73 Issue 3, Seite 401-420


Consumer Preferences and Substitutability of Tourism Destinations in the Alps. (2016)

Autoren: Martin Lohmann & Philipp Wagner
In: Siller, Hubert J. & Zehrer, Anita (2016): Entrepreneurship und Tourismus. Wien (Linde), S. 195 – 206.
ISBN 978-3-7143-0289-9


Further publications in German language can be found here.