Holiday exhibition CMT

At the opening press conference of the holiday exhibition CMT in Stuttgart Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann presented a first balance of the travel year 2018 and talked about starting conditions and development trends for the holiday year 2019.

2018 was yet another record year. On the basis of the results of the current online survey conducted as part of the RA online at the end of the year, a high level of demand can be expected for the 2018 travel year with a volume of approx. 71 million holiday trips (+ 2% compared to the previous year) and an increase in spending on holiday trips to approx. 75 billion Euros (+ 3%). Both figures are at an absolute all time high.

The indicators for tourism demand in 2019 also show a positive outlook. Germans have become very fond of travelling. Holiday lust is already pronounced for 2019. On the whole, more travel and higher expenses are planned. This indicates a stable demand for tourism services at least.

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