How much does the Reiseanalyse cost?

Basic participation and optional additions

The content and price of the Reiseanalyse is based on a modular system. This means that you select and combine the elements that you specifically require, paying only for the elements which you need for your analysis.

Overview of prices for the various elements:

Basic participation

A basic participation is the entry level for obtaining the Reiseanalyse survey results. The Reiseanalyse is a participation-based survey, i.e. a group of around 30 companies and organisations, some of which are members of the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen (FUR), develop the survey and also share the cost. Anyone can take part in the Reiseanalyse.

Basic participation entitles you to the following:

  • Right to use all the results of the set of standard questions
  • Option to carry out individual measurements
  • A comprehensive report describing findings and methods
  • Print copy of the report with interpretation of key findings
  • Tailor-made results, presented in tables
  • Support for user-specific evaluation.

Prices for basic participation start from EUR 10,400* excl. VAT.

*If participation is confirmed by September 30th, the cost of basic participation is EUR 10,400 excl. VAT; confirmation of participation received after September 30th will be EUR 10,900 EUR excl. VAT.

Optional additions

Participation in the survey (basic participation) gives you the option of purchasing various additional elements such as topical modules, exclusive and additional questions etc.

Thematic modules

Benefits of participating in modules include:

  • A detailed report on the module including charts
  • Tailor-made results, presented in tables

The findings are specifically processed to indicate what is important to each participating customer. Reports focus on data that is key in marketing. The combination of text, graphics and tables provides a clear overview that reflects the essence of the relevant analysis.

The cost of a thematic module is starting from EUR 5,500 excl. VAT.

Exclusive questions

From the start date of participation in the Reiseanalyse (basic participation), you will have the opportunity of having your own, exclusive questions included in the face-to-face survey or one of the two RA online surveys in the relevant year (which are conducted in May and November of each year). Our RA Team will be happy to support you when wording the relevant questions. The cost of exclusive questions depends on the type of question (simple question with, for example, four possible answers or questions where the answer is based on a scale, for example, a scale of 1 to 5 and 10 items etc.). Including exclusive questions in the RA online survey is significantly more cost-effective than including exclusive questions in the face-to-face survey. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quote. Prices for exclusive questions start from EUR 1,900.

Use of additional questions

The Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen regularly includes a series of specific questions in the survey, which are only relevant to some subscribers and which are financed by these subscribers. Similar to exclusive questions, the cost of using these additional questions largely depends on the complexity of the questions concerned. We will be happy to give you an individual quote if you are interested in using such additional questions.

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How can i use Reiseanalyse data?

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