Looking more in depth – key topics

What to do with big data? The answer is to focus on topics that are of interest and in demand. Our experts analyse and interpret data on specific topics.

Examples include:

  • The future of Alpine tourism
  • The impact of crises and terrorism
  • Expectations regarding outdoor holidays
  • Sustainable tourism

Further examples are provided on the next pages.

Outdoor holidays

One of the modules in the RA 2016 examined outdoor holidays. This is an important market segment, which comprises hiking, skiing and cycling holidays. A total of 31% of the German-speaking population aged 14 or over went hiking very frequently or frequently during the previous three years (2013-2015). A further 18% cycled (including 3% mountain biking) and 6% went skiing/snowboarding. It emerged that consumers have high expectations of outdoor holidays. At the same time, various similarities and differences were evident. For all three of the types of outdoor holidays analysed, a beautiful landscape and well maintained or well signposted routes/paths/pistes were among the top 3 requirements mentioned by respondents. Differences primarily exist regarding the importance of weather conditions (particularly important for skiers), the need for resting areas/benches (particularly important for hikers) and the availability of the required maps (mentioned particularly frequently by cyclists).
Detailed information about hiking holidays, skiing/snowboarding holidays and cycling/mountain biking holidays are provided in the module, Outdoor holidays: product requirements for activity holidays outdoors, which was prepared on the basis of data from the RA 2016 face-to-face. Please contact us to find out more.