Content marketing

Content Marketing has evolved from a mere buzzword of online communication to-wards a serious marketing task across all media. The current question therefore is not primarily if content marketing is used, but how and for whom. The aim of the module is to identify and describe target groups that are particularly accessible for content mar-keting in the inspiration phase of the customer journey. For this module, we define content marketing as “touristic communication measures in the inspiration phase, based primarily on information, entertainment or storytelling, generating incentives to buy via the customers’ interest in the content”.

With this module we aim to answer the following research questions:

► Which content is interesting for (potential) holiday makers? Which designs (for-mats, sender, tonality, address) attract interest?
► Which typologies of interested persons can be derived from the combination of content-based characteristics and design?
► How are costumers of different travel destinations and holiday segments allocated across the identified content marketing typologies? Which socio-demographic clus-ters and social milieus do they belong to?

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2017