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Impact of holidays on the individual

Holiday-makers generally depart on their holidays with very specific expectations. In tourism, many products and services are therefore aimed at guests returning from their holidays relaxed as well as healthier, happier and refreshed. This module examines the impact of holidays on the physical and mental wellbeing of guests. In other words, it focuses on the effect a specific holiday has on the individual. We will deliver answers to the following questions:

  • What are holiday-makers’ expectations of their holidays, and what impact do they find holidays have on their wellbeing?
  • Which impact occurs in connection with specific products? Which types of holidays promote health, and which activities make holiday-makers happy?
  • Which holiday experiences have a profound effect on guests and become lasting memories?
  • To which extent do products and services in tourism contribute to such experiences?

The findings enhance customer knowledge, which minimises the risk when taking marketing decisions. Specifically, the module centres on knowledge about the impact of products and any conclusions to be derived.

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2019