Module: destination experiences

Choosing a destination is the most important decision the majority of Germans make when planning a holiday. This was highlighted as part of the travel decision module in the RA 2017. An analysis of holiday motivations and the image of countries also confirmed the importance of the destination for holiday experiences.

This module examines for the first time how holiday-makers wish to experience their destination and what is key to making the holiday experience a success at the location.

The following questions will be answered:

  • To what extent do holiday-makers want to immerse themselves into life at their holiday destination? Do they want to get to know and explore the holiday destination? Or do they like to keep a certain distance and only go sightseeing?
  • What constitutes a successful destination experience? What do holiday-makers like to remember after their holidays – mainly “hard” factors, such as local natural and cultural attractions and the tourism infrastructure, or predominantly “soft” factors such as contact with locals, experiencing everyday life at that holiday destination and local ambience?
  • What are the differences between the various types of holiday-makers, destinations and types of holidays?

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Subject: destination experiences module

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