Holiday and water

Whether for swimming or sailing, as a picturesque background while hiking or cycling, or as a calming element of a wellness holiday: water has a great power of attraction on holiday makers. In order to fully utilise the strengths of products by or near the water however, suppliers should learn more about their potential clients and their motives and needs. We explicitly do not just mean holidays by the coast, but also holidays by a lake, river or in the mountains (where you can witness a small stream turning into a powerful waterfall) and also holidays in artificial waterparks. On these grounds this module focuses on the following questions:

► How important is water for (potential) holiday makers?
► Which types of holiday destinations do holiday makers prefer (coast, mountains, lowlands etc.)?
► Which kinds of experiences are guests by the water looking for (e.g. water sports, relaxation, nature experience)?

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2017