Holidays and nature

Expectations in terms of nature when on holiday

“Enjoying nature” is among the most important holiday motivations in the German market. For many domestic and international destinations and providers, nature holidays represent a key element of their offering. The wide range of products and services available makes it necessary for providers to position themselves more accurately. The following questions can help them achieve this:

  • What exactly do holiday-makers mean by “experiencing nature”? Who wants to enjoy nature without specifically going on a nature holiday?
  • Which personality types relate to enjoying nature, and what domestic and international holiday destinations appeal to them?
  • Is nature primarily the backdrop or stage for outdoor activities, or do holiday-makers want to experience nature with all their senses?
  • What expectations do holiday-makers have of nature holidays as a product?

Clients opting for this module receive valuable information, which they can use as the basis for developing target group specific products and marketing activities.

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2019