Inspiration and information

Tourism providers use various marketing tools (both online and offline) for advertising purposes and customer communications. These are touchpoints between providers and customers through their customer journey.

The inspiration and information module examines which of these tools are perceived as sources of inspiration by customers when planning their travel, i.e. up to booking a holiday, and which are used to obtain information about a holiday. In addition, the intention is to highlight the specific tools customers use at each stage of their customer journey.

The analysis centres on the following questions:

  • Which marketing tools do customers perceive to be sources of inspiration when choosing a destination?
  • Which online and offline media are used to obtain information about certain aspects of a holiday (e.g. accommodation, journey and activities)?
  • What has changed in this respect in recent years?
  • Who uses which tools, and what differences exist in relation to travel behaviour?
  • At which stage of the customer journey do customers use the various tools?

The aim of this module is to indicate the means by which you can reach your (potential) customers and which content and design options are relevant for which types of information.

This module will be repeated as part of the RA 2020. You will find initial basic information in our brief information on the modules of the RA 2020.

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