Information during holidays

Holiday use of sources of information and online media

Online information has become an integral part of holiday planning. With more and more information also accessible on the move and location-specific information, holiday-makers are able to use online information in many different ways – before their holiday and also while they are travelling. We intend to examine whether and how these options are used. The following questions will be answered:

  • Which information and booking options do holiday-makers use while on the move, i.e. during their holiday? (online and offline)
  • For what purpose do holiday-makers go online during a trip?
  • Who uses apps and who chooses other information and booking channels while travelling?
  • What demand is there for different payment methods while on holiday?

This module makes it possible to quantify the use of “new” and “traditional” media by holiday-makers while travelling. In addition, the module highlights how customers use mobile data during their holidays as well as their attitudes and interest in this respect.

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2019