Module: price and quality

Price and quality are key aspects when making a decision about a holiday and represent a much-discussed topic. Almost all providers focus their efforts on identifying the optimum marketing strategy for positioning their product and/or destination.

The price and quality module supports this process by identifying and analysing various consumer types, who differ in terms of their individual price and quality expectations regarding tourism-related services. Behind this is the question as to who focuses primarily on quality and who on price.

The aim of this module is to answer the following research questions:

  • What is the size of specific consumer type segments, i.e. how many Germans primarily see themselves as budget tourists, price-oriented holiday-makers, quality-oriented holiday-makers or luxury travellers?
  • Who are the different consumer types?
  • Where do your customers fit into this overview?
  • What aspect was more important in relation to holidays in 2017 – price or quality?
  • Has the importance of price and quality of holidays changed in recent years?

Assigning your customers to the various consumer types provides you with a general planning basis and line of reasoning for your marketing. The module also highlights which market segments are easier to reach via price and which via the quality of a service.

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Subject: price and quality module

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