Travel decision

For suppliers in tourism it is essential to know about the travel decision process of their current and potential customers. This information is necessary for suppliers to influence the travel decision of the potential customers at the right time. The travel decision is a very complex process: it takes place over a long period of time ahead of the journey; usually several persons take part and very often plenty of partial decisions have to be taken, influencing each other (the decision for a destination e.g. affects the activity possibilities and the means of transport).

The module aims to contribute to a better understanding of the travel decision process of your customers and illustrates opportunities to influence it:

► When is the decision made for a particular holiday?
► On which topics do the holiday makers concentrate before the trip and which partial decisions (e.g. destination or type of travel) are made first?
► Which aspects play an important role in the decision for the destination?

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Module of Reiseanalyse 2017