Thematic modules

Special topics of the Reiseanalyse

Modules are special topics that complement the standard question program of Reiseanalyse (RA). The annually changing modules deal with current topics, which are selected in close cooperation with the partners of Reiseanalyse. Additional questions are integrated into the questionnaire and evaluated in module reports. The direction of the evaluation will be determined, among other things, by which tourism stakeholders participated in the respective module.

For customers who wish to gain a deeper insight into specific topics for their marketing planning, the modules are an excellent supplement to the RA’s basic data and exclusive questions – and are also much more cost-effective than a separate survey. You can find out more about the methodology and pricing of the RA modules here.

Corona recovery

This module provides insights into holiday planning for autumn and winter 2020/21 as well as spring and summer 2021. For this purpose, a supplementary survey with 2,000 online interviews was conducted in September 2020, representative of the population aged 18 to 75 living in Germany. Further questions in the RA online (11/2020) as well as the RA 2021 face-to-face continuously provide further, up-to-date results.

Destination image

In order to be able to compare the image of different destinations with each other, the image characteristics of different destinations are surveyed. The destinations are selected in consultation with the module clients. Comparisons with previous modules may be possible.


As a well-proven instrument for addressing target groups and for media planning, the Sinus Milieus are an important addition to the standard questionnaire of the Reiseanalyse. The milieus have been surveyed face-to-face in the RA since 2012 and additionally online in the RA since 2021, which also allows reference to short trips.

Inspiration and information

Tourism providers use various marketing tools (both online and offline) for advertising purposes and customer communications. These are touchpoints between providers and customers through their customer journey.

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Sustainable travel – standards and behaviour

Sustainability is a major topic in the public debate, not just in relation to everyday life but also to holidays. This module examines whether the constant presence of this topic also has an actual impact on the sustainability of holidays.

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Health and holidays

This module looks at how a health-oriented offering needs to be structured and marketed if it also is to excite potential guests who have no express interest in health, wellness and spa holidays.

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Information during holidays

Online information has become an integral part of holiday planning. With more and more information also accessible on the move and location-specific information, holiday-makers are able to use online information in many different ways – before their holiday and also while they are travelling. We intend to examine whether and how these options are used.

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Holidays and nature

“Enjoying nature” is among the most important holiday motivations in the German market. For many domestic and international destinations and providers, nature holidays represent a key element of their offering. The wide range of products and services available makes it necessary for providers to position themselves more accurately.

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Customer value

Impact of holidays on the individual Holiday-makers generally depart on their holidays with very specific expectations. In tourism, many products and services are therefore aimed at guests returning from their holidays relaxed as well as[…]

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Destination experiences

Choosing a destination is the most important decision the majority of Germans make when planning a holiday. This was highlighted as part of the travel decision module in the RA 2017. An analysis of holiday motivations and the image of countries also confirmed the importance of the destination for holiday experiences.

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Price and quality

Price and quality are key aspects when making a decision about a holiday and represent a much-discussed topic. Almost all providers focus their efforts on identifying the optimum marketing strategy for positioning their product and/or destination.

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Travel decision

For suppliers in tourism it is essential to know about the travel decision process of their current and potential customers. This information is necessary for suppliers to influence the travel decision of the potential customers at the right time.

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Content marketing

Content Marketing has evolved from a mere buzzword of online communication to-wards a serious marketing task across all media. The current question therefore is not primarily if content marketing is used, but how and for whom. The aim of the module is to identify and describe target groups that are particularly accessible for content mar-keting in the inspiration phase of the customer journey.

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Holiday and water

Whether for swimming or sailing, as a picturesque background while hiking or cycling, or as a calming element of a wellness holiday: water has a great power of attraction on holiday makers. In order to fully utilise the strengths of products by or near the water however, suppliers should learn more about their potential clients and their motives and needs.

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Image and uniqueness of holiday destinations

For holiday destinations, a positive image is a very important prerequisite for successful marketing activities. Therefore image building and promotion are crucial strategic fields of action for destinations. To have a well-founded knowledge about your own image helps to successfully market your products. Direct benchmarking opportunities help to identify the destination’s USP.

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Outdoor holidays

Product requirements for activity holidays outdoors Considering the wide range and types outdoor holidays, we will focus our research on the requirements and behaviour of (potential) hiking, biking and ski travellers. With this module, all[…]

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