The Reiseanalyse is a national survey which records and describes the holiday travel behaviour of the German-speaking population resident in Germany. The Reiseanalyse survey has been carried out yearly since 1970.

Within the scope of the Reiseanalyse, more than 12,000 population-representative interviews are conducted in Germany. Of these, 7,500 are face-to-face interviews lasting around one hour and 5,000 online. In addition to recording holiday and short holiday trips, the Reiseanalyse also deals with the potential of holiday activities, holiday forms, interest in future travel destinations and many other topics.

On the basis of thematic modules, the Reiseanalyse sets annually changing focal points and thus supplements the extensive standard question programme of the study.

All important information on the upcoming Reiseanalyse 2019 can be found in our information leaflet.

Information leaflet RA 2019

What is the Reiseanalyse?

The Reiseanalyse is a survey on the holiday travel behaviour of the German-speaking population. It has continuously been carried out every year since 1970.

The following is surveyed:

  • Holiday and travel behaviour
  • Holiday motivations and interests
  • Potential demand for destinations and types of holidays
  • Holiday activities
  • Attitudes towards travelling

and much more…

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How is the survey conducted?

Every year, we conduct more than 12,000 interviews throughout Germany. Of these, 7,500 are face-to-face interviews and 5,000 online. The survey focuses on holiday travel with at least one overnight stay. A distinction is made between:

  • Holidays of five days or more
  • Short breaks of two to four days.

The findings are representative of the German-speaking population.

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Modules: special focuses

Together with RA partners and subscribers, three specific topics are selected each year. These topics are included as modules in the set of survey questions. The relevant responses are separately analysed, with findings delivered in the form of reports and tables.

The RA 2019 modules will be:

  • Customer value
  • Nature on holidays
  • Information during holidays
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Optional additions

The Reiseanalyse offers various optional additional elements. They enable us to customise the comprehensive (standard) survey according to your particular requirements.

Option 1: exclusive questions
Inclusion of your own questions in the survey, with exclusive right of use

Option 2: additional questions
Up to 20 questions on specific topics (e.g. booking offices and channels, brands and media use) are included in the Reiseanalyse survey. They can be used on request.

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What does participation in the Reiseanalyse offer?

Anyone can subscribe to or participate in the Reiseanalyse.

Participation provides the following benefits:

  • Right to use all the results of the set of standard questions
  • Opportunity to conduct individual measurements
  • A comprehensive report describing findings and methods
  • Printed copy of the report with an interpretation of key findings
  • Tailor-made results, presented in tables
  • Support for user-specific evaluation.
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How much does the Reiseanalyse cost?

The Reiseanalyse has a modular structure. Subscribers only pay for the elements they require. Basic participation is a prerequisite for using Reiseanalyse data.

Overview of prices:

  • Participation starts from EUR 10,400
  • Topical modules: EUR 5,500 each
  • Exclusive questions and use of additional questions: from EUR 1,900
  • Analysis software incl. raw data: from EUR 3,900 (all prices excl. VAT).
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