Modules: special focuses

What are modules?

Modules focus on specific topics and supplement the standard set of Reiseanalyse questions. The modules change every year to examine current topics. They are selected in close cooperation with the Reiseanalyse survey partners. Modules ideally complement the basic results of the Reiseanalyse for those customers who wish to analyse specific topics more in-depth for the purposes of marketing planning.

How is the survey conducted?

Module findings are based on RA face-to-face interviews, for which at least 6,000 personal interviews are conducted each year in January/February. Usually, two to four additional questions per module are integrated into the questionnaire. The results of the survey will be representative of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over.

For some modules, the RA online is additionally used. This survey is conducted every six months with a minimum sample of 2,500 respondents. Within a 12-month period, a minimum of 5,000 online interviews are carried out, which are representative of the German-speaking population aged 14 to 75 years.

Which topics are covered?

The Reiseanalyse modules deal with topics from all areas of tourism demand. An overview of all topics of the last years can be found in the section thematic modules.

What are the benefits of participating in a module?

Participants in modules receive a report with highly specific analysis results, supplemented with tables. The report describes and analyses findings based on module questions in connection with the customer-specific results of the standard set of questions. Reports focus on data that is key in marketing. The combination of text, graphics and tables provides a clear overview that reflects the essence of the relevant analysis.

Combination with exclusive questions

The table section comprises findings regarding many different tourist and sociodemographic target groups and segments. In addition, individual tables and evaluations are available, including in combination with standard and/or exclusive questions.

Prerequisites for use

In order to be able to use module results of the Reiseanalyse, a basic participation in the current RA is required. The current cost for participation in an additional module (RA 2022) is EUR 5,500 per module. Subsequent participation in older modules from previous years is also possible with an existing basic participation.