Topical Reiseanalyse modules

Together with RA partners and subscribers, three specific topics are selected each year. These topics are included as modules in the set of survey questions. The relevant responses are separately analysed, with findings delivered in the form of reports and tables.

The RA 2018 modules are:

What are modules?

Modules focus on specific topics and supplement the standard set of Reiseanalyse questions. The modules change every year to examine current topics. They are selected in close cooperation with the Reiseanalyse survey partners. Additional questions are incorporated in the questionnaire for each module and separately evaluated in a module report for the relevant customers.
Modules ideally complement the basic RA data for those customers who wish to analyse specific topics more in-depth for the purposes of marketing planning.

What are the benefits of participating in a module?

Participants in modules receive a report with highly specific analysis results, supplemented with tables. The report describes and analyses findings based on module questions in connection with the customer-specific results of the standard set of questions. Reports focus on data that is key in marketing. The combination of text, graphics and tables provides a clear overview that reflects the essence of the relevant analysis.

Combination with exclusive questions

The table section comprises findings regarding many different tourist and sociodemographic target groups and segments. In addition, individual tables and evaluations are available, including in combination with standard and/or exclusive questions.

How and where is the survey conducted?

Basis: face-to-face and online surveys
Module findings are based on data from the RA 2018, for which more than 7,500 face-to-face interviews will be conducted in January/February 2018. The survey is representative of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over.
For some modules, the RA online is additionally used. This survey is conducted every six months with a minimum sample of 2,500 respondents. Within a 12-month period, a minimum of 5,000 online interviews are carried out, which are representative of the German-speaking population aged 14 to 70.

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