Trends and topics

We hear about many trends and topics. What is the significance of trends described in the media for travel, and which trends are confirmed by the Reiseanalyse survey findings?

Wellness, cruises, mountain biking and beach holidays – there are many different ways to travel. We report on specific topics in modules, talks and publications.
Have we got you interested and you want to find out more about trends and topics?

What do we mean by trends?

Not everything that is called a trend really is a trend according to our definition. Our experts analyse long-term developments and assess the probable future tendency.

According to our definition, a trend is:

  • A development observed over time, which retrospectively is evident from the RA time series, and
  • represents a discernible probable future tendency from today’s standpoint.

We focus on tangible, i.e. measurable, developments, using topic-centric data analysis and trend identification based on data.

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Looking more in depth – key topics

What to do with big data? The answer is to focus on topics that are of interest and in demand. Our experts analyse and interpret data on specific topics.

Examples include:

  • The future of Alpine tourism
  • The impact of crises and terrorism
  • Expectations regarding outdoor holidays
  • Sustainable tourism

Further examples are provided on the next pages.

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Sinus-Milieus® in the Reiseanalyse

The Sinus milieus represent a social and target group model that groups people according to their lifestyle and values.
The Sinus milieus of the Sinus Institute are determined as part of the Reiseanalyse and can be combined with all other data on travel behaviour.

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Always on – mobile Internet

The Internet and mobile Internet have changed information and booking behaviour. This applies to before, during and after a holiday trip. The Reiseanalyse examines many different related aspects on the basis of specific questions. For the RA 2012, in-depth research was carried out as part of the module “Internet access on the move: mobile Internet use on holiday”. In the RA 2015, the module “Internet access on the move” also took a close look at mobile Internet use during holidays.

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Are ads irritating or fascinating?

In the RA 2016, the module “Inspiration and information: targeted use of marketing tools” examined the use of 25 online and offline media and how they are rated during the inspiration and information stages of the customer journey. We specifically asked respondents to answer either “particularly reliable” or “very irritating”.

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Awareness and popularity

Image is very important in the tourism industry and particularly when marketing destinations. Maintaining and advertising a destination’s image is therefore an important area of action.

As part of the Reiseanalyse, we regularly survey the image and uniqueness of destinations. Our survey partners determine brand awareness and the popularity of tour operators, airlines etc.

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