What do we mean by trends?

Not everything that is called a trend really is a trend according to our definition. Our experts analyse long-term developments and assess the probable future tendency.

According to our definition, a trend is:

  • A development observed over time, which retrospectively is evident from the RA time series, and
  • represents a discernible probable future tendency from today’s standpoint.

We focus on tangible, i.e. measurable, developments, using topic-centric data analysis and trend identification based on data.


Booking offices and channels

Bookings of all-inclusive holidays and generally booking a holiday in the branch of a travel agent have gradually lost market shares in recent years. At the same time, Internet portals and direct bookings recorded substantial growth. Considering only the holiday travel of Germans, a continuous long-term decline all-inclusive holidays and travel agency bookings is evident. An analysis of booking channels highlights the growing importance of online sales. In 2006, a total of 14% of all holidays were booked online in advance, whereas this figure was up to more than a third (37%) by 2016.


The RA Trend Study has been published and is available to purchase.