What does participation in the Reiseanalyse offer?

Anyone can participate as a partner in the investigation and bear a part of the costs in order to get usage rights for the results of the study. The Reiseanalyse modular system allows individual adjustments of the services included in a participation to meet the requirements and the budget of each partner.

The Reiseanalyse modular system

Participation in the Reiseanalyse is based on a modular system. In addition to the basic participation, which is a prerequisite for the use of the Reiseanalyse, the usage rights to further modules can be acquired individually. Thus, in addition to the basic module, our partners only receive the content that they need for their analyses.

Basic survey module – set of standard questions

The survey consists of an extensive and for many years little changed basic question program. It covers the holiday travel experience of the last three years, the holiday travel behaviour of the last year, holiday motives and interests, as well as travel intentions in the near future. All results can be analyzed in detail and are usually also available for long-term time series. The Sinus-milieus® are also part of the Reiseanalyse and can be evaluated without additional costs.

Basic participation provides the following benefits:

  • Right to use all the results of the full set of standard survey questions
  • Opportunity to conduct individual measurements
  • A comprehensive report describing findings and methods
  • An exhaustive report with an interpretation of key findings
  • Tailor-made results, presented in tables
  • Support for user-specific evaluation.

Optional additions

In addition to the basic participation there is a number of optional modules and services available:

  • Thematic modules
  • Exclusive and additional questions
  • Reiseanalyse evaluation software and raw data
  • Individual consultation and evaluation support

How can i use Reiseanalyse data?

Just contact us! We look forward to providing you with a tailor-made, non-binding, individual offer.

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