What does participation in the Reiseanalyse offer?

Anyone can subscribe to or participate in the Reiseanalyse.

Participation provides the following benefits:

  • Right to use all the results of the set of standard questions
  • Opportunity to conduct individual measurements
  • A comprehensive report describing findings and methods
  • Printed copy of the report with an interpretation of key findings
  • Tailor-made results, presented in tables
  • Support for user-specific evaluation.

The Reiseanalyse modular survey system

The Reiseanalyse has a modular structure. This means that you select and combine the elements that you specifically require, paying only for the elements which you need for your analysis.

Overview of elements:

Basic survey – set of standard questions

The survey consists of an extensive set of standard questions that has been largely unchanged for many years. Survey questions cover holiday travel experience in the past three years, travel behaviour in the past year – 2017 in the current survey – holiday motivations and interests as well as travel intentions for the near future. All results can be analysed in detail and most are available for long-term time series. Analysis based on SINUS© milieus also forms part of the Reiseanalyse. Basic participation is a prerequisite for purchasing additional services.