Outdoor Holidays

Product requirements for active holidays outdoors

By “outdoor holiday” we mean a holiday trip with more or less sporting activities outside (mostly in nature). Being outdoors is “in” and outdoor clothing has become an everyday outfit even in cities. It is therefore hardly surprising that almost all tourist regions and tour operators offer outdoor activities.
The face-to-face evaluations of the activities and types of holidays of the RA 2015 showed that a specific outdoor activity (e.g. hiking or cycling) is an important reason for the decision to travel, but that a diverse holiday experience is often sought that goes far beyond this activity.
Those who want to design successful offers must therefore know what (other) demands potential guests have of their outdoor holidays and which activities are particularly popular with which groups of guests. Therefore, with the help of this module, Reiseanalyse collected current and reliable market research data on specific potentials and product requirements for the German source market.

Aim of the module

The Outdoor Holidays module provides this data by answering the following research questions:

  • Who are the outdoor holidaymakers and outdoor enthusiasts (socio-demographics, SINUS milieus, etc.)?
  • How much overlap is there with other groups (e.g. cultural tourists)?
  • How intensively are various outdoor activities pursued during the holiday?
  • What special requirements do potential guests have for a hiking, cycling/mountain biking or alpine skiing/snowboarding holiday?Für welche in- und ausländischen Reiseziele und sonstigen Urlaubsformen interessieren sich die Outdoor-Interessenten?


In order to be able to identify and describe outdoor holidaymakers, we integrated three outdoor holiday types into the potential question of the RA 2016 face-to-face: Hiking holidays, cycling/mountain biking holidays and alpine skiing/snowboarding holidays. In addition, we posed a module question that dealt with concrete product requirements for a successful hiking holiday, cycling/mountain biking holiday or alpine skiing/snowboarding holiday.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2016

Online on the Way

Mobile internet on holiday

The RA regularly collects data on online behaviour (for stationary and mobile access, at home and on the road). One focus of the questions is on the preparation phase (information and booking) before the trip.

Due to the increasing share of the population with mobile internet access (Jan. 2014: 52%), it seemed worthwhile to examine the target group of “real” mobile users and their actual usage behaviour while travelling as part of the 2015 travel analysis. The focus was on people who generally (i.e. not only on holiday) use smartphones or tablets and do not do so exclusively via WLAN/Wi-Fi. In this way, we wanted to get closer to the user image of the “real mobile user”.

Aim of the module

The following questions were examined for the module “Online on the move”:

  • How big is the usage potential for “mobile online usage on the road”: How many people are “real mobile users” but do not use smartphones/tablets during their holiday trip?
  • How do “non-users” and “users” differ?
  • What is the intensity of mobile internet use on the road during the holiday trip?
  • What are the purposes of mobile internet use while travelling? What do “real mobile users” use their smartphone/tablet for while travelling?
  • What are the barriers to greater use?
  • How many and which holiday-related apps are installed?


For the volume estimation (“utilisation potential”), the results of the corresponding basic question from the RA face-to-face were used. All other research questions were translated into survey questions for the RA online.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2015

Sustainable Holidays

Acceptance and potentials

A large and growing proportion of holidaymakers attach importance to making their holiday trips as ecologically and socially compatible as possible. What has been missing so far is information on who is particularly interested in sustainable holiday travel and which environmentally and socially responsible offers have the greatest potential. The results of this module close this gap.

Central questions

Who expresses interest in socially responsible and environmentally friendly holidays?
What are the holiday motives of those interested in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable holidays and which holiday activities do they prefer?
How and where do the people interested in sustainable holidays travel?

Possible applications

The results can be used for segmentation and target group analysis in order to assess potentials for sustainable tourism offers and to design and market corresponding products according to target groups.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2014