Health and Holidays

This module examines how health-oriented offers must be designed and marketed so that they also inspire potential guests who are not explicitly interested in a health, wellness or spa holiday. The overall view shows what demand exists or what development can be expected in the future, how large the segments are and what themes and offers can be used to attract these groups in each case.

The module “Health and Holidays” deals with the following questions:

  • What developments and trends are emerging in the area of “Health and Holidays”?
  • With which health-oriented offers and activities can you inspire potential guests?
  • Which health types can be identified and addressed?
  • Are the guys more concerned with promoting mental health or physical health?
  • Für welche Regionen und Urlaubsformen interessieren sich die verschiedenen Zielgruppen?

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Module of the Reiseanalyse 2015 & 2020