Information on the Way

Use of information sources and online media on holiday

Searching for information online has become an integral part of holiday planning, not only for “digital natives” but also for a steadily growing proportion of the rest of the population. As more and more information can be accessed on the go and in relation to location, holidaymaker now have a variety of options for mobile internet use not only before but also during their trip. We examine by whom these options are used and how, and what the demands are for the future. Furthermore, we devote ourselves to different payment options and analyse who has which preferences.

The following questions will be answered during the module:

  • Which information options do holidaymakers use on the road, i.e. during the holiday trip? (online and offline)
  • How big is the share of holidaymakers who are online on the go to plan their current holiday trip?
  • What do holidaymakers find out about online during their trip? (e.g. weather, routes, activities)
  • Who uses apps, who chooses other information and booking channels on the road?
  • Which payment options are used on holiday and how great is the interest in different payment options?

he module enables the quantification of the importance of mobile internet use on holiday trips. Furthermore, the module shows which holidaymakers are online while travelling, what these holidaymakers use the mobile internet for during their holiday trip and what their interests are in this regard.

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