Holiday Mobility

All means of transport on arrival and on site

In the RA, only the most important means of transport for arrival and departure is usually asked for each individual holiday trip. However, it can be assumed that the arrival and departure is often not only carried out with one, but with several means of transport (keyword “intermodality” or “mobility chain”).
In order to be able to design target group-specific offers, it is important for tourism providers to know which travellers use which means of transport for which holiday trips and which potentials there are for selected mobility offers. The results of this module provide a detailed overview of the entire mobility during the holiday.

Module content:

  • all means of transport on arrival and departure, mobility on site
  • criteria for the choice of transport
  • time comparisons with modules and special questions from previous years
  • Supplementary survey 9/2022: Use of the “9-Euro-Ticket” for holiday trips and short breaks in summer 2022

Example of draft questions: RA 2023 face-to-face

Which criteria play an important role for you when choosing the means of transport to get to and from your holiday destination? (Multiple answers possible)

  1. environmental aspects
  2. comfort
  3. inexpensive price
  4. flexibility in scheduling
  5. time-saving arrival
  6. few transfers
  7. short waiting time
  8. effortless luggage transport
  9. smooth journey from door to door
  10. mobility in the holiday region


Because some means of arrival transport (e.g. car) allow possibilities of on-site mobility that are not possible with other means of arrival transport (e.g. plane), the analysis of on-site mobility can only be meaningfully performed in connection with the means of arrival and departure transport.
We therefore supplement the standard question on transport use with a module question that provides detailed information on all other means of transport used. We distinguish between travel to and from the destination and mobility at the destination.
In the evaluation, we use the standard question on the type of trip to differentiate between so-called destination trips (to a holiday destination from which excursions may have been undertaken) and round trips.
In addition, we ask which means of transport would be considered for future holiday trips to the same destination. Here, too, we differentiate between travel to and from the destination and mobility on site.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2023 & 2015