What are modules?

Modules are special thematic focuses that complement the standard question programme of the Reiseanalyse. The modules, which change annually, deal with current topics that are selected in close consultation with the partners of the Reiseanalyse. For this purpose, additional questions are integrated into the questionnaire and evaluated in module reports. The direction of the evaluation is determined, among other things, by which tourism stakeholders have participated in the respective module.

For clients who want to delve deeper into certain topics for their marketing planning, the modules are an excellent supplement to the RA’s basic data and exclusive questions – and also significantly cheaper than conducting their own survey.

How is it examined?

The results of the modules are usually based on the data of the RA face-to-face, for which more than 6,000 personal interviews are conducted every year in January and February. For this purpose, usually two to four additional questions per module are integrated into the questionnaire. All module results, like the main results of the RA face-to-face, are representative of the German-speaking resident population aged 14 and over.

In addition, for some modules the RA online is used, which is conducted with a sample of at least 2,500 respondents in a semi-annual rhythm. The results of these module questions are representative for the German-speaking resident population aged 14 to 75.

Which topics are dealt with?

The Reiseanalyse modules deal with topics from all areas of tourism demand. An overview of all module topics of the last years can be found in the section Thematic Modules.

What do partners who participate in a module get?

Those who participate in a module receive very detailed results, which are presented in a client-specific, analytical chart report and supplemented by tables. In the report section, the results of the module questions are presented and analysed in conjunction with the client-specific results of the basic question programme. The reports focus primarily on data that are highly significant in marketing practice. The combination of text, graphics and tables provides an overview and brings the analyses “on the spot”.

Linking with exclusive questions

An additional table section contains module results for numerous tourist and socio-demographic target groups and segments. Furthermore, individual tables and evaluations are possible, also in combination with standard or the partners’ exclusive questions. RA-customers who also use the option of individual analysis of the results by means of CNTLight or SPSS dataset will of course also receive the results of the module questions played out in their personal dataset.

Prerequisites for use

In order to be able to use the module results of the Reiseanalyse, a basic participation in the current RA is required. The costs for participation in an additional module are currently (RA 2023) EUR 5,500 per module. Customers receive attractive price advantages when purchasing several modules. Subsequent participation in older modules from previous years is also possible with an existing basic participation.

For interest and questions:

Recent Module Topics

Over the years, the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR – Research Association for Holidays and Travel) has produced modules on a wide range of topics that can be booked individually as building blocks for participation.

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