Building blocks

In addition to the basic question programme and the modules, the Reiseanalyse offers various other optional additional building blocks. With these, the survey can be individually adapted to the needs of the partner.


Together with the partners of the RA, up to three main topics are defined each year. As so-called thematic modules, these are examined within the framework of the Reiseanalyse by means of separate questions. After completion of the surveys, the results are made available to the respective beneficiaries in separate reports.

Recent Module Topics

Over the years, the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR – Research Association for Holidays and Travel) has produced modules on a wide range of topics that can be booked individually as building blocks for participation.

Additional Questions

In addition to the basic question programme and module questions, up to 20 further questions on special topics (e.g. booking points and routes, brands, media use) are regularly asked in the Reiseanalyse. These can also be used for a small fee.

The following topics were dealt with in the context of so-called FUR questions in the RA face-to-face and RA online in the last year:

  • Booking offices and booking channels for holidays and short breaks
  • Start of consideration and decision point in travel planning
  • Spending plans for holidays in the coming year and, if applicable, savings options
  • Internet use for information about/booking of tourist services
  • Assessment of the development of the personal and general economic situation in Germany
  • Personal attitude towards social and environmental sustainability of holiday trips
  • Subjective state of health
  • Departure airports used for air travel in the last year
  • Expectations of travel agencies/online travel agencies
  • Travel agency use in the last 5 years
  • Business trips
  • Low-cost travel (question package)
  • Holiday travel type “All-inclusive holidays”
  • Travel with car rental (question package)
  • Experience with and interest in “last minute” travel”
  • Experience with and interest in “short cruises”
  • Experience with and interest in “river cruises”
  • Experience with and interest in “Germany holidays in 4 to 5 star hotels”
  • Experience with and interest in “language holidays/language course on holiday”
  • Experience with and interest in “booking with Airbnb, Wimdu or similar provider”
  • Wishes, longings and dreams with regard to holiday travel in general
  • Assessment of the terror threat in general and personally on holiday
  • Influence of the financial crisis, climate change and energy prices on holiday travel plans
  • Criteria for the choice of transport to and from the holiday destination
  • Travelled distances
  • Perception and evaluation of artificial landscape features (e.g. power plants, wind turbines, power lines, etc.) in the holiday region

Exclusive Questions

In addition, you have the option to ask your own questions with exclusive data usage rights in the Reiseanalyse surveys. This is possible both in the RA online surveys with approx. 2500 respondents in May and November, or in the RA face-to-face in December/January with approx. 7000 respondents.
Contact us for a consultation on your exclusive question.