Recent Module Topics

Over the years, the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR – Research Association for Holidays and Travel) has produced modules on a wide range of topics that can be booked individually as building blocks for participation.

Inflation and Prices

The core of this module is to examine the consumer reaction to the ongoing inflation and price development with a special focus on the willingness to spend on holiday travel. The focus is on the financial outlook of households in Germany and an examination of the holiday travel budget, as well as savings propensities for holiday travel. […]


As a proven instrument for addressing target groups and media planning, the Sinus-Milieus® are an important addition ‘to the Reiseanalyse. They have been regularly surveyed in the Reiseanalyse since 2012. In RA 2022, the recently updated Sinus model is surveyed and the latest insights into the travel behaviour of the new milieus are gained. […]

Holiday Mobility

In the RA, only the most important means of transport for arrival and departure is usually asked for each individual holiday trip. However, it can be assumed that the arrival and departure is often not only carried out with one, but with several means of transport (keyword “intermodality” or “mobility chain”). […]

Special: Update on Crises 09/2022

In order to enable an assessment of the current situation from the consumer’s point of view and to provide an outlook on the holiday travel plans of Germans in 2022/2023, the FUR has organised a module special. The focus here is on recording holiday plans for the winter half-year 2022/2023 and the summer half-year 2023 in order to be able to estimate the demand for holiday travel in the short term. […]

Inspiration and Information

Suppliers in tourism use different marketing tools in their advertising and customer communication. These are the touch points of suppliers with customers on their customer journey, which suppliers can actively control.

The module Inspiration and Information examines which of these tools are consciously perceived by the customer as a source of inspiration when preparing for a trip, i.e. up to the point of booking a trip, and which serve to actively provide information for the trip. […]

Post-COVID Holiday Plans

There is no doubt that the Corona pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the travel behaviour of tourists worldwide. Within the framework of the Reiseanalyse, concrete reactions and new requirements of potential holidaymakers have been investigated in six survey waves since the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020.

The RA2022 Post-COVID Holiday Plans module provides concrete insights into holiday plans for autumn and winter 2021/22 and spring and summer 2022. […]

Destination Image

In order to be able to compare the image of different destinations with each other, the image characteristics of different destinations are surveyed. The destinations are selected in consultation with the module clients. Comparisons with previous modules may be possible.

Sustainable Travel: Demands and Behaviour

The topic of sustainability occupies a broad space in the public discussion and refers not only to everyday life, but also to holiday travel. The module will examine whether the constant presence of the topic actually has an impact on the sustainability of holiday trips. In addition, it will be examined which concrete demands potential guests have and how they would like to inform themselves about sustainable tourism offers. […]

Health and Holidays

This module examines how health-oriented offers must be designed and marketed so that they also inspire potential guests who are not explicitly interested in a health, wellness or spa holiday. The overall view shows what demand exists or what development can be expected in the future, how large the segments are and what themes and offers can be used to attract these groups in each case.

Information on the Way

Searching for information online has become an integral part of holiday planning, not only for “digital natives” but also for a steadily growing proportion of the rest of the population. As more and more information can be accessed on the go and in relation to location, holidaymaker now have a variety of options for mobile internet use not only before but also during their trip. We examine by whom these options are used and how, and what the demands are for the future. Furthermore, we devote ourselves to different payment options and analyse who has which preferences. […]

Nature on Holiday

“Experiencing nature” is one of the most important holiday motives in the German source market. For many domestic and foreign destinations and also tour operators, nature holidays are therefore a central component of the offer. In order to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to position one’s own product in a way that is appropriate for the target group. This is easier if you know what your customers want.

Customer Value

Holiday trips can have a variety of effects on the traveller. For example, one returns refreshed, healthier, with new vitality or experiences happy moments that become important memories.
These effects can be seen as the customer value or benefit.

Very often, such effects are also promised in advertising for tourist products; for many holidaymakers, the expected effects are important motives for travelling. We want to examine this presumed connection more closely here. With the expected results, we can for the first time make reliable and differentiated statements about the customer value of holiday trips. Destination and providers can use this as a basis to determine their position in terms of customer value and identify the need for optimisation. […]

Destination Experience

The selection of the travel destination is the most important conscious decision for most Germans when planning a holiday, as we recently showed in the “Travel Decision” module of the RA 2017. A look at holiday motives and country images also shows how important the destination is for the holiday experience.

For the first time, we are now looking into the question of how holidaymakers want to experience their destination and what is decisive for a successful holiday experience on site. […]

Price and Quality

Price and quality are essential orientation points in the holiday decision and a much discussed topic. The search for the optimal market strategy to position one’s own product/destination is the focus of the efforts of almost all competitors. […]

Content marketing has changed from a fashionable term in online communication to a serious and cross-media marketing task. The question now is not whether to use content marketing, but how and for whom. The aim of the module was to identify and describe target groups that are particularly accessible to content marketing in the inspiration phase of the customer journey. […]

Travel Decision

It is important for tourism providers to have knowledge about the travel decision process of their current and potential customers. This is the only way to be able to influence the decision of the prospective customers at the appropriate time. The travel decision is a very complex process: it takes place over a long period of time before the holiday trip, there are often several people involved and it is usually not about one but many partial decisions that influence each other (the decision for a destination, for example, affects the activity options and the means of transport). The results of this module contribute to a better understanding of your customers’ holiday decision-making process and show you opportunities for influence. […]

Holiday and Water

Whether for swimming or sailing, as a picturesque backdrop for hiking or cycling, or as a calming element in a wellness holiday: it is undisputed that water exerts a powerful attraction on holidaymakers. However, in order to fully exploit the strengths of one’s own offer at or near the water, providers should know more about their potential customers and their motivations or needs. We are not only interested in holidays at the coast, but also in holidays at the lake, at the river and in the mountains (where you can see how a stream becomes a raging waterfall) and also in holidays in artificial bathing areas. […]

Image and Uniqueness of Destinations

Images are structures of ideas, opinions and expectations and are composed of an extensive complex of ideas. Knowledge about a destination (“the sun shines there”) and the associated emotions (“great”) lead to an intention to act (“I want to go there”). In no other industry is image more important than in the marketing of travel destinations. Image cultivation and promotion are therefore strategic fields of action for destinations. […]

Outdoor Holidays

By “outdoor holiday” we mean a holiday trip with more or less sporting activities outside (mostly in nature). Being outdoors is “in” and outdoor clothing has become an everyday outfit even in cities. It is therefore hardly surprising that almost all tourist regions and tour operators offer outdoor activities. […]

Health-oriented Forms of Holiday

Health awareness is growing. For tourism, this results in future potentials that need to be exploited with appropriate offers. This requires detailed demand data on the topic of “health-oriented forms of holiday”, which form a solid basis for product development and marketing. […]

Online on the Way

The RA regularly collects data on online behaviour (for stationary and mobile access, at home and on the road). One focus of the questions is on the preparation phase (information and booking) before the trip. […]

Sustainable Holidays

A large and growing proportion of holidaymakers attach importance to making their holiday trips as ecologically and socially compatible as possible. What has been missing so far is information on who is particularly interested in sustainable holiday travel and which environmentally and socially responsible offers have the greatest potential. The results of this module close this gap. […]