Inflation and Prices

The core of this module is to examine the consumer reaction to the ongoing inflation and price development with a special focus on the willingness to spend on holiday travel. The focus is on the financial outlook of households in Germany and an examination of the holiday travel budget, as well as savings propensities for holiday travel.

Content of the module:

  • financial prospects of one’s own household and influence on the travel decision
  • time series data on household net income and holiday travel expenditure, analysis in conjunction with past inflation trend
  • willingness to spend and propensity to save on holidays compared over time
  • price and quality types of holidaymakers compared over time

Concept question and evaluation programme

  • personal/general economic situation
  • holiday travel expenses
  • holiday travel budget of the household (expenditure for all holiday trips of the year as a share of the household net income)
  • spending plans and saving measures for holidays
  • attitude towards price and quality in holiday travel

The preliminary evaluations are expected in autumn 2022 (with available time series data), the detailed report with the tables from April 2023.

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