Post-COVID Holiday Plans

There is no doubt that the Corona pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the travel behaviour of tourists worldwide. Within the framework of the Reiseanalyse, concrete reactions and new requirements of potential holidaymakers have been investigated in six survey waves since the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020.

The RA2022 Post-COVID Holiday Plans module provides concrete insights into holiday plans for autumn and winter 2021/22 and spring and summer 2022.

The following questions are at the centre of the investigation:

  • What about holiday planning for autumn/winter 2021/22 and summer 2022?
  • What strategies have holidaymakers developed in response to the pandemic when choosing their holidays?
  • What requirements do travellers have for future holidays?
  • What measures would discourage travellers from taking a holiday?
  • How has holiday interest in the German source market developed and changed since Corona?

For this purpose, a supplementary survey with 2,000 online interviews was conducted in September 2021, representative of the population aged 18 to 75 living in Germany. Further module questions in the RA online (11/2021) as well as the RA 2022 face-to-face continuously provide further, up-to-date results. Are you interested in further details or the results of previous surveys on this topic? Then contact us for a detailed module profile and a no-obligation consultation.