Price and Quality

What is the focus of holiday travel?

Price and quality are essential orientation points in the holiday decision and a much discussed topic. The search for the optimal market strategy to position one’s own product/destination is the focus of the efforts of almost all competitors.

The module Price and Quality supports this process by identifying and analysing different types of buyers who differ in terms of their personal demands on the price and quality of a tourism service. Behind this is the question of for whom the quality and for whom the price is in the foreground.

The module takes up this discussion by, among other things, identifying and analysing different types of buyers.

The following research questions are to be answered with this module:

  • How large are the market segments of individual buyer types, i.e. how many Germans see themselves more as cheap tourists, price-oriented, quality-oriented or as luxury holidaymakers?
  • Who is behind these types of buyers?
  • Where do your customers fit into this scheme?
  • What played a bigger role in 2017 holidays: price or quality?
  • To what extent have the importance of price and quality in holiday travel changed in recent years?

The allocation of your customers to buyer types provides you with a basic planning and argumentation basis for your marketing. Furthermore, the module shows you which market segments can be better reached via the price or the quality of the service.

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Reiseanalyse Module 2018