About us

The Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR) was established in the summer of 1994 as an association of research users. It conducts cross-sector, objective and continuous surveys on travel behaviour.

The Reiseanalyse is the longest-standing and most comprehensive survey on holiday travel behaviour in Germany.

The Forschungs­gemeinschaft

The Forschungsgemeinschaft is neither a market research institute nor a firm of consultants. It is the impartial special interest group of tourism research users in Germany. FUR is the biggest non-commercial organiser and contractor of tourism research in Germany. The group’s impartiality is ensured through the composition of its member organisations and Board members. In accordance with the organisation’s articles of association, all sectors with activities in tourism are represented on the Board.

Members and Board of Directors

The Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR) is a registered association by German law. The Board of Directors (Chairman and Deputy Chairwomen) represent the association’s decision-making body:

Guido Wiegand, Studiosus Reisen

Deputy Chairwomen:
Dr. Dietlind von Laßberg, Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung,
Korinna Koschek, Gruner+Jahr

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Working team

The Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen (FUR) as the supporting association for the Reiseanalyse ensures the coordination of the research services and the networking of the members.

The NIT, Institut für Tourismus- und Bäderforschung in Nordeuropa GmbH based in Kiel, Germany, was commissioned with the operational implementation of the association’s work (FUR office) and the scientific supervision of the study. Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann is managing director of the NIT and long-standing scientific advisor to FUR.

Ipsos GmbH, with its representative Hans Peter Drews, has been an FUR partner for many years and is commissioned to carry out the field work and manage the EDP.

Research services

With the Reiseanalyse survey, the Forschungsgemeinschaft delivers research services worth more than half a million euros every year. In accordance with its statutes, the FUR is a non-profit-making organisation. Any surpluses are fully invested in the research work. Research findings are primarily made available to members and those purchasing the survey report. These groups include:

Regional, national and international tourism organisations (DMOs)
Tour operators
Hotel chains
Government departments

Become a member

Membership in the FUR is open to all organisations with an interest in research on holiday travel in Germany. Please contact us if you would like to become a member.

Member benefits include:

  • A free print copy of the Summary of the Reiseanalyse survey report
  • An invitation to participate in the annual Reiseanalyse evaluation conference
  • Involvement in shaping the development of the Reiseanalyse survey


Please contact the team at the Kiel office for all questions regarding the FUR and Reiseanalyse.

Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann is FUR’s research adviser.

Ulf Sonntag and Philipp Wagner coordinate FUR’s research and evaluation services. Bente Grimm has primary responsibility for modules.

Nadine Yarar manages the RA online.

Visit the NIT website for more information about the team at the Kiel office.