As a proven instrument for addressing target groups and media planning, the Sinus-Milieus® are an important addition ‘to the Reiseanalyse. They have been regularly surveyed in the Reiseanalyse since 2012. In RA 2022, the recently updated Sinus model is surveyed and the latest insights into the travel behaviour of the new milieus are gained.

The milieu model for Germany the classic of social science social analysis. The Sinus-Milieus® model is continuously adapted to the socio-cultural changes in society. The updated Sinus-Milieus® 2021 reflect the new everyday reality in our society, which is shaped by political upheavals, digitalisation and extreme climatic events.

With the Sinus-Milieus®, one can thus understand people’s lifeworlds “from the inside out”, “dive into” them, as it were. You can understand what moves people and how they can be moved. Coupled with the key figures on travel activity, travel intensity, holiday motives and activities, a precise holidaymaker profile can be created for each milieu in order to adapt marketing communication to the respective segments.

The following questions are at the centre of the investigation:

  • In which segments of tourism demand are certain milieus conspicuously strongly or weakly represented?
  • Which travel behaviour and which tourist attitudes are typical for the respective milieu?

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